How to Save an Unhappy Marriage Without Couples Counseling

Imagine being so happy with your husband that you hope and even pray your daughter has the same experience! These tips on how to save your unhappy marriage without going to couples counseling will help you see your relationship – and your life – differently.


My tips are inspired by two women. One is my friend Kerry (not her real name) who feels trapped in an unhappy marriage; the other is Patricia. She’s a reader whose spouse not only refuses to go to couples counseling, he refuses to believe their marriage needs to be saved. Here’s her comment:

“I have been married for 12 years and my husband won’t grow up,” says Patricia on How to Know if Your Marriage is Over. “He still does what young men do, he acts like he’s single. He’s more concerned about his car than me and the kids, he cares more about himself than anyone. I’m worried because my kids are growing up and I’m afraid this will affect them in one way or another. I’m not a happy wife, I’m in desperate need of help. I want to save my marriage. I suggested we go to couples counseling but he won’t go. How can I get my him to go to marriage therapy when he refuses to even be a husband?”

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